About us

Our position in the power industry was permanently established over a quarter-century ago, when the Tele and Radio Research Institute, as the first in Poland, together with the company ZWAR and the Energy Industry, developed and implemented in MV switchgears a general-purpose medium voltage protection device called MUPASZ (Microprocessor Unit for Measurements, Automatics, Control and Protection) which was patented with patent No 171537. Since that time, several generations of smart bay control units and IT systems have been developed, which together with switchgears from leading manufacturers, have been implemented in power facilities in Poland and abroad. By using the latest technologies and its own modern research and experimental base, ITR implements innovative projects for the power industry, from the design and research phase to practical implementation.

Our priority is to create innovative solutions for customers interested in manufacturing advanced and competitive products. As part of our research and development activities, we cooperate with universities and research institutes, as well as large and small companies both in Poland and abroad. The synergy of research, design and implementation teams enables us to constantly improve our solutions, which are widely appreciated by our customers. A confirmation of the innovativeness of our studies and implementations are numerous awards obtained both in Poland and abroad, and more than several dozen patents obtained in this area.


The solutions developed by the Institute are related to IT systems, subassemblies and devices for increasing the effectiveness, safety and reliability of power facilities as well as for improving the quality of energy which contribute to the development of Smart Grids, industrial Internet of Things, e-Diagnostics and e-Management systems.


We offer comprehensive, custom services related to our product range.  We provide comprehensive assistance with the selection of solutions, logic design, assembly work, testing and commissioning. In addition, we conduct training for operating personnel and provide maintenance services.

If requested, we can also conduct research and development in IT, smart grids and the Internet of Things. This includes concept development, market analysis, and business plan preparation right through to the implementation of a new solution.

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