ELF - Logic Function Editor

Logic Function Editor – ELF is a multifunctional software tool for next generation smart bay control units. It enables development of custom user logic adapted to the individual needs of the customer and the facility. Logic profiles are designed on the basis of the algorithms implemented in a given devices for protection, automatics, inspection and control systems as well as function blocks such as: logic gates, flip-flops, multiplexers, timers, comparators, registers, analogue and digital inputs and outputs. In parallel to logics, the user can design the bay view, enter set points for any base of set points, assign editable LED descriptions, modify editable texts (e.g. technological protection names) and configure users and their access rights to bay control unit management.

ELF is the basic tool for smart bay control unit management including but not limited to configuration, set point modification, data visualisation, reprogramming, controlling available switches and customisation of appearance.  The intuitive user interface enables quick and convenient edition of bay control unit functionalities.

ELF is a free application for Windows which can be downloaded at energetyka.itr.org.pl. As a result of the introduction of new solutions to the bay control units, the application keeps developing. With the built-in update mechanism, the user can easily download the most recent version of the application and supplement the base of the supported devices with the new version and update the software of its devices. Automatic conversion of diagrams enables the transfer of the profile developed between different types of bay control units.

ELF can operate with an interface in Polish, English or Russian either:

The automatic device identification system enables quick and easy communication with the device and its configuration. In online mode it is possible to read measurements, logs, event counters, statuses recorded in the device, disturbance and criteria-based recorders, the energy quality analyser, circuit breaker diagnostics and service parameters.

ELF is a safe application which can be employed by users to archive the results of their work on a secure ITR server and have access to them from anywhere in the world.

ELF can be activated with the following licences:

Participation in training for service engineers in ELF user logic design guarantees the comprehensive support of the Institute for the profiles designed by the users.


To be downloaded:

Latest ELF Cloud software version
User licence
Catalogue card
Instructions for installation of design libraries and replacement of the controller software
Order form for software protection WAD_7876

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