Switchgear controller

The SEM SC11 controller is designed to manage (monitor and control) different types of switchgear, e.g.: circuit breakers, contactors, disconnectors, earthing switches, while taking into account licences, technical conditions of the control process and the technological process. A controller usually consists of the SEM SC11 central module. The module has two lines – for connection to telemechanics or SEM SB11 module and to connect the HMI panel. Both lines can be used to monitor and control the operation of the device.  The telemechanics functions can be performed by SEM Cxx, which is equipped with tools for communication with the SCADA system. Removable operator panels of type PAN 1 or PAN 3 are used for local management of the device.

The SEM SB11 expansion unit acts as an RS-485 converter to binary signals.