Voltage indicators

SN 2/SN 3/SN 4 are intended for constant voltage indication in switching station busbars. The presence of voltage is indicated separately for each phase monitored with a displayed symbol . The indicator is constructed in accordance with the requirements of the LRM system and IEC/PN-EN 61243-5 standard. The voltage indicator is connected with the current busbars by means of reactive insulators. The voltage indicators are equipped with a TEST switch for triggering the Device Operation Control (DOC) mechanism.

The SN 3/SN4 voltage indicator is equipped additionally with two relay outputs and LEDs signalling either the presence or absence of voltage in the switching station busbars. It permits the construction of local interlocks and audible voltage recovery indicators.


SN 2 user manual   
SN 3 user manual   
SN 4 user manual  
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