Voltage transformers

Resistance voltage transformers are components used in MV grids, equipped with connector heads for voltage measurements, protection and energy quality analysis.
UR56 type transformers are adapted for installation in connector heads e.g. Cellpack: CTS 630/1250 A 24 kV, CTKS 630A 24 kV, CTKSA 12 kV, CTKSA 19,5 kV, CTKSA 24 kV and Nexans: K430TB 630/1200A 24kV, K300PB 630/1250A 24kV, K434TB 1250A 12 kV, K434TB 1250A 24 kV, 300PB-10SA. 
UR90 type transformers are adapted for installation in connector heads which conform to EN 50180 and EN 50181 standards, Interface C, 630 A.
UR66 type transformers are adapted for installation in connector and coupling heads and in surge arresters such as K480TB, K800PB, K484TB, K804PB, 800SA provided by Nexans.
The transformers are constructed in the form of a resistor dividerwith a linear characteristic in accordance with the PE-EN 61869-6: 2017-03 standard. Therefore, a very high accuracy of the distribution coefficient, thermal stability in a very wide range of working temperatures and a wide measuring band have been achieved. 
The transformers are supplied with a dedicated connecting cable with a length of 3/5/10m. The transformers are capacitively compensated. They work with a load of 200 kΩ, 10MΩ. For ease of assembly, the transformer cable is connected using an M8 connector.

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